What should I pay attention to when buying solar lamp strings?

1. Charging should be fast. This mainly depends on its charging power. 2. Select the solar lamp string of the new battery. Because of the lack of industry standards for solar lamps, many manufacturers directly use second-hand batteries that have been eliminated from electric vehicles to reduce costs. Maybe the price of such lamps will be very low, but they are really not durable. So when you buy a solar lamp string, you must see if the battery is a new one. Moreover, the capacity of the second-hand battery will become smaller, which will not reach its marked capacity at all, and it will not guarantee sufficient lighting duration. 3. The protection level shall be high. The solar lamp string needs to be exposed to the wind, sun and rain for a long time, so the protection must be high enough to avoid shortening the lamp life due to water and dust. The protection grade is the IP grade of the lamp. I represents dust prevention and P represents waterproof. In general, the higher the number, the better. Of course, in addition to the above basic requirements, you can also consider its working capacity in rainy days when buying a solar lamp string. The brand you mentioned does a good job in this regard. They use an intelligent regulation system in cloudy and rainy days to ensure that it can work normally even in continuous rainy days.