How can the decorative lamp string look good?

Wherever you hang a string of lights, they look strange. But when you combine their loveliness with the charm of any bedroom, you will get a fantastic appearance. Considering the flexibility of string lamps and their various styles, you can make some very good and creative designs.
1. Make a fake headboard for your bed with a string lamp. It can be any shape and size you want. This shape is like a house. It looks lovely.
2. If you have a canopy bed, you can do this: hang a string of lights to make flashing curtains. They look amazing and will make your bedroom look like a princess floor. Even if you don't have a canopy bed, you can simply hang curtains and string lights from the ceiling to achieve this effect.
3. This is another version of the string lamp headboard. This one has a string of lights, which can also be used as a bright night light or emotional lighting.
4. How do you feel when you lie in bed and watch the twinkling lights like stars fall asleep? They are not as cool as stars, but they can make the bedroom look amazing.
5. Wrap the lamp on a branch or floating wood with a rope to make a decoration that can be displayed on the bed. You can even add a switch to turn it into a reading light source.
6. Speaking of general reading lights and work lighting, you can also simply nail a nail on the wall to hang a series of lights in the bedroom. Make these lamps a substitute for your bedside table lamp.
7. In addition to the headboard, you can also put a curtain behind the bed that is breezy. It can be transparent. You can hide the wire lamp behind it to create a fantastic effect.
8. If you really want to have twinkling stars in your bedroom, buy some star string lamps and hang them on the wall. You can even add some fabric and make a hardware that can be hidden for connecting to the lights on the wall.
9. If you string the lights into a zigzag shape, you can use a small clothespin to hang photos and other cute things on the bedroom wall to personalize the bedroom wall
10. You can hang these on any wall you want. This is what they look like at night. You can also use them as ambient lighting, which gives the room a very romantic look.
11. In your bedroom, contrast with the black string lights on the white wall. The white bricks look very attractive here, and the lights highlight some works of art.
12. This is a cool thing if you have a crown. These colored lights look like twinkling stars. They wrap the bed and create a very good atmosphere.
13. You can also choose to hang a string of lights on the ceiling. It can be placed in an attic bedroom or a room with a sloping roof.
14. Speaking of sloping roof, I will teach you how to use string lamps to turn the bedroom into a comfortable corner. The colorful lights match the colorful pillows.
15. If you don't want the lights on your face or hanging on your head when you sleep, you can hang them outside a loft bed.
16. Customize something to personalize your bedroom walls. For example, make some wall paintings that can emit light, and you also convey something you want to express.
17. Similarly, you can attach light strings to a board and create custom messages, drawings, etc. Drill holes in the plate to hide the character string lights at both ends, so only the desired design is displayed.