How to connect the LED lights?

(1) Exposed lamp
1. The wiring shall be centered in the middle as far as possible, and the exposed lamp shall be installed in the way of extending around to facilitate bus connection. At the same time, the normal operation of other lines can also be ensured when a section of line is burnt out.
2. The tail of the lamp is connected in series, which can not only stabilize the current and make all lines emit light uniformly, but also reduce the possibility of burning out the exposed lamp due to the stability of the current.
3. The total power of the exposed lamp should be controlled below 80% of the total power of the transformer. After all, the exposed words are generally installed at dangerous locations and are not easy to maintain, which can better protect the transformer.
(2) LED light strip
1. Energy saving: 80% less electricity than traditional fluorescent lamps;
2. Green and environmental protection: no ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution from lamp body recycling;
3. Long service life: more than 50,000 hours of normal use
4. No stroboscopic: LED works with constant current, effectively reduces LED light failure, starts quickly, no flicker, and protects eyes;

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